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Rose Quartz - "Uplifting Guasha" Set

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What is Guasha massage?

Guasha massage is a tool that is used to scrape (sculpt) the skin in order to release sore, tired, stiff or injured muscles. Guasha massage for facial muscles may stimulate new oxygenated blood flow to the area, thus promoting metabolic cell repair, regeneration, healing and recovery. Using this tool to sculpt your facial muscles will give you a "face lift" and assist in lymphatic drainage. Lymphatic drainage flushes out toxins resulting in reduced "puffiness" in the face. You may notice a more slim face after using this tool.

This tool also holds all the great benefits of our authentic Rose Quartz crystal. Rose Quartz crystal has amazing healing properties. It is known for unconditional love, self-love, gentleness, soothing, and calming energy. Once you have our cleansed Rose Quartz crystal in your presence, you will immediately feel the beautiful powers it holds.  

Rose quartz is a sacred stone. It was used by the Goddess Isis as a beauty treatment, and is now used by energetic practitioners.