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Red and Infrared Light Therapy Handset




Naturally smooth your fine lines, prevent wrinkles, shrink pores, diminish spots, and so much more. Get the skin you desire in the comfort of your home or take your innovative beauty device anywhere on the go!

Do you wish your makeup didn’t show crease lines? Do you want a more flawless appearance with your foundation? Or are you just looking to improve your natural beauty? Regardless of your current skin concerns, LED light therapy is your solution. 

Naturally plump any lines, creases, or indentation in your facial tissue. LED light therapy works by healing the skin. It boosts collagen production for a more smooth, plump, softer appearance and skin texture.

This product is great if you are looking to enhance your natural beauty without undergoing invasive procedures like Botox, facelifts, or other harsh treatments. Instead, slow down your aging skin more naturally and effectively.

Prevent and remove the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, acne, scars, dark spots, redness, sun damage, loose skin, oily/dry skin, uneven pigmentation, melasma, rosacea, and much more in under 8 weeks!



- Red Light + Infrared: Red 624nm (visible light) and Infrared 940nm (invisible light) both promote blood circulation,  heals and oxygenates cells, activates healthy cells, and repairs damaged skin naturally.
Overview Red light reaches the dermal layer of the skin and results in collagen production which diminishes wrinkles and sagginess. Infrared light stimulates circulation and repairs the elastin fibers within tissue to help keep skin firm and tight which guarantees anti- aging effectiveness. 



Photon Therapy Mode: Deep skin therapy expands small blood vessels to promote sufficient blood circulation immediately, renews collagen, improves and brightens skin tone, and firms pores. 

Warm Heat Mode: 42C+/-3C, warm heating therapy for deep cleansing and soothing/relaxing sensation.

Warm Heat and Photon Therapy Combination: Actives water molecules in the skin, enhances beneficial results, promotes blood circulation, reduce age spots, s

Dermatologist recommended, plus safe and effective. The Love Light Therapy device uses technology discovered by NASA and is designed to last for a lifetime! *No refills needed, rechargeable, and portable*