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How to Heal and Protect Your Skin

How to Heal and Protect Your Skin

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Are you ready to learn how your skin's protective barrier keeps your skin youthful? 

This E-book has the combination of how to repair and protect your skin after it has been damaged. Damaged skin leads to premature aging, and can even make you think you have "sensitive" skin. Many times it is not sensitive skin that you have but a sensitized skin barrier instead. In this E-book you will find out many different things about the skin. Most importantly, you will have all the knowledge you need to treat your skin as a highly qualified facialist would without breaking the bank. 

Chapters in this E-book:

  1. Why is the Skin Barrier Important?
  2. What are Lipids?
  3. Signs of a Stripped Skin Barrier
  4. How to Treat Your Skin
  5. 6 Easy Ways to Protect Your Skin
  6. Essential Nutrients to Nourish the Skin
  7.  What does LED Light do for the Skin?